Baghira Spin-Offs

Some additional stuff for your Desktop

The Stuff you find here is not part of the baghira package and utilizes some foreign artwork.

However, some guys thought it would be nice in combination with the style, so i link it here.

If you want some of your stuff to be linked as well, please mail me a link


Startup Packvt-BootsplashKDM Logo
Startup Pack Bootsplash KDM Logo
Konqueror ThrobberPaw IconKonqueror Scanline Tile
Download Throbber Baghira Logo Scanline
Konsole BackgrondOfficial IconsSample Configuration
Spotlight Paw Sample configuration
place into ~/.qt/


Shir KhanAqua Chick I (Nudity)Aqua Chick II
Baghira Mjølk

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