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I have installed Baghira, started BAB and... what now?

You'll need to tell your system to use Baghira as Style and Window Decoration.
You can, e.g. do this from kcontrol.or use a script i've written and that can be obtained from here
You'll need to uncompress and - in case - make it execuatble. Then call it. bunzip2 baghira.sh.bz2chmod 754 baghira.sh./baghira.sh"); ?> The script will activate several parts of the style (but use without any warranty!).

Why don't you autoactivate Baghira right after the installation?

This isn't Windows, n'key? ;)
Seriously: i don't like to autoactivate things. This is as if you buy a gun and get a headshot right with it...

How do i activate the Mac like Menubar on top of the screen?

That's a KDE feature.
Open KControl, open the subsection for Desktop and then Behavior - select the Mac OS-style option for the Menubar at Top of Screen.
Use Baghiras configure dialog to replace the Applet that comes with Kicker with one that displays the current applications name in front of the menu.

Some Applications do not place their Menu in the Bar at Top of the Screen

As mentioned above, this is a KDE feature - it doesn't work even with Qt applications (it would be possible to change that from Baghira, but i cannot get the transparent Background, so the whole thing looks crap) and also not with GTK+ applications or OpenOffice.org - yet.

Baghira looks crap on Firefox, The Gimp, ...

There are two major Toolkits for the X Desktop. Qt and GTK+
Baghira is a style for Trolltechs Qt Tollkit or rather the KDE (K Desktop Environment), while applications like The Gimp, Firefox or Sodipodi rely on the GTK+ (Gimp Tool Kit)
The reason you can use Baghira with those apps, is that you're using the Metastyle GTK-Qt for GTK+ applications.
It acts as a wrapper and calls the Qt style when the GTK+ application calls its style functions.
However, Baghira makes use of a lot of the sublying Qt Toolkit that is of course not fully available on GTK+ applications (animation, pixmap background, etc.). Therefore GTK+ applications may look not as good with Baghira as the Qt ones do.


You can either try out a more recent version of GTK-Qt or simply use a native GTK+ style. There are plenty of them faking OS X, or Milk at art.gnome.org (this is probably the better way).

Baghira segfaults Firefox, The Gimp, ...

See above, if you have a backtrace, e.g. when calling "gimp" from a terminal - mail me.

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